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(SPLASH)  is our Sunday Children's ministry.
The whole church family gather together for the first part of worship and then those in primary school go to 
 "THE SPLASH ROOM" until coffee-time.

 Carers are welcome to accompany their children until they settle. For everyone's safety, all leaders go through proper D.B.S. checks.

Bubbles - Sunday pre-schoolers ministry.

Is your child growing beyond Crèche activities, but not yet old enough for Splat?  Then Bubbles could be the answer. 

We work with a flexible age group from 2+, to give parents the opportunity to select the right stage for their child to move on from Crèche. 

At Bubbles we use Bible story Activity sheets, which the children take home each week, along with creative activities and simple songs which are specially designed for this age group. 


Our name, ‘Bubbles’ comes simply from the Scripture Union material we currently use as our teaching aid and yes, we do sometimes have real Bubbles as well to add to the fun!  

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