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We need your help...


“God loves a cheerful giver.”

 A report in a magazine focussed on well being suggests that there is a remarkable difference in the health and quality of life among those who volunteer in community service and display loving concern for others compared with the general population. The stress level, which increases cholesterol, raises blood sugar, and depresses immune functions, is much higher among those who share little of themselves.  So there you have it!  

Giving ourselves to others is a great way to attain a wonderful and healthy glow! 


I have never known a giver who was not better off for it in every way. Have you?
As Christians we stand on the promises of God, that we will sow what we reap.
We stand on the character of God who is a bounteous and generous God.
And we stand on the promise of God that He loves a cheerful giver and that

those who contribute to His work will be blessed.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to the life and work of our church,
it will be gratefully appreciated!

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