Church Notice -

Lockdown Update

Dear All


Due to the new lockdown restrictions coming into force on Thursday, all planned “live” services unfortunately have to be cancelled until early December. (all services will continue to be online).

As we mentioned in the Church Notices last week, despite the obvious uncertainties facing us right now, we have planned a number of “live” services during advent and Christmas in the hope that they might be able to take place. 


Details for the proposed Advent and Christmas “live” services are as follows:

Sunday 6 Dec - Advent 2 Morning Worship

Sunday 20 Dec - Advent 3 Christmas Services (lessons and recorded carols).

We are considering holding a morning service which will be repeated in the evening at 6pm.

This would mean 30 spaces being available at both services, allowing for a total of 60 to attend a service on the day.  

Thursday 24 Dec - Christmas Eve Midnight Communion at 11.30pm.

Friday 25 Dec - Christmas Day service at 10am.


We would really appreciate your responses to the above Advent schedule of services.

If we are allowed to hold these services, please let us know which of these  you would be interested in attending.


Please note that your response will just be giving us an indication of your support for each live service in December.  Please respond by MONDAY 9 NOVEMBER to Sue Martin at secretary@emmanuelhaydonwick.org.uk

Once we have received your response, the final schedule will be published. 


Over the next four weeks things will be going back to feeling a bit strange and uncertain. Together with your elders, we will be making sure we keep in regular contact. If you have concerns or worries, please do get in touch - we would love to help.


Take comfort in these times with this prayer written by Nick Fawcett….


When the wind blows, Lord, may your arms shelter me. 

When the rain falls, may your arms cover me. 

When the storm rages, may your arms protect me. 

When the waters rise, may your arms support me. 

When the flood is fierce, may your arms encircle me. 

When all seems swept away, may your arms hold me fast. 

Whatever I may have to face, Lord, whatever the days ahead may bring, 

may I know your arms around me, upon me, beneath me, 

cradling me now and for evermore in your everlasting love. Amen.


Every blessing,

Gerald and Elders


High Street 
Haydon Wick
SN25 1HU


01793 723862 

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