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New World, Old Faith

5 week lent course to be run at Emmanuel on Tuesday evenings from 12 March.

Much of the criticism directed at Christianity in our day and age is that it’s outdated, old hat. New World, Old Faith takes the position that just because Christianity is based on events of two thousand years ago doesn’t mean it is irrelevant today. Quite the contrary – in our multi-everything world it’s more relevant than ever! 


Every generation has found the Gospel of Jesus Christ directly applicable to their situation. So, in the early days of the third millennium, we find that we can still trust the truths of Christianity to help us interpret life and the world as we experience it.

New World, Old Faith looks at how Christian faith continues to shed light on a whole series of issues in our changing world, including change itself. An essential course for making sense of faith in the world today.

5 sessions:
1. Brave New World?

2. Environment and Ethics

3. Church and Family in Crisis

4. One World – Many Faiths


5. Spirituality and Superstition

The four main participants on the course audio are Archbishop Rowan Williams, Joel Edwards, Dr Pauline Webb and the Revd Dr John Polkinghorne.


David Coffey provides the thoughtful Closing Reflection at the end of each session.

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