Dear All,

We hope you have had a lovely week.


Thank you to Brian Eyles who will be taking the live service on Sunday.  Unfortunately, we do not have an online service for you this week but if you click the following link you will be able to signup to Sunday's Podcast from the URC.

Our weekly notices can be downloaded here.


If you have anything you would like Lucy to add to the notices please let her know by noon on Wednesday.  


Thank you for your continued support with Offerings. If you would like blank envelopes for your giving or you would like to sign up for gift aid, please see Bob Tinson for further details.

For those who are not able to attend the live service on Sunday, you can join Michelle for a coffee and chat after the service.  Just log in to Michelle’s Zoom from 12noon on the following link:

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting



An update for all of those who came along to Good Earth Café  last Saturday.  We managed to raise over £180. 

A big thank you to Juliet and Joyce and the team who helped serve and take orders.


The Mind Talk group starts this Wednesday at 6.30pm.  Please feel free to bring along a friend or pass on the details of the group.  Refreshment will be available at the start of the group.

Birthday celebrations

If you know of anyone celebrating their birthday next week or are celebrating an anniversary, please drop Rachel C a line.

E-Prayer Group:

Rachel P is still covering the E-Prayer group requests. If there are any requests for prayers, could they be emailed to -Rachael. Rachel will then post any requests on the e-prayer google group.


Notices - If you would like anything added to the notices or Agenda for the church meetings, please email or text Rachel .  This way they will not be missed.

Have a lovely week.

Gods Blessings